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10639721_10205130468690006_5703165663826959293_nRuben Briseño Reveles

I have found a way to nurture my dreams through Photography.

Four years ago I went to Mexico to explore my roots. I took as many pictures as I could to bring back to my family so they could see where we were from. It is there that my life of a photographer began. I fell in love with sharing moments, sharing stories in their natural settings. You’ll find many of Ruben’s photos on this website. See more of his work:


Cynthia Davidson, The Wisdom Wheel


For over 20,000 years, people have been using wheels to find their way through life. Based in parts on the Native American Medicine Wheel, the Hindu Chakravartin ‘wheel of law’ and the Chinese lo pan compasses, the Wisdom Wheel can guide you through your own personal spiritual inner journey.

Together, the 36 individual stones or “Universal Laws” of the Wisdom Wheel identify the common ground of values, such as Balance, Compassion, and Enlightenment, that unite the world’s cultures, religions and countries.

Using the Wisdom Wheel as our map, we explore each of the 36 Universal Laws. Through conversations, books, videos, events, and more, we visit each quadrant — mental, emotional, physical and then spiritual — to study the Law from all sides while we consider different perspectives and extend our views of the world. Check out our free introduction for a breakdown of the Wheel’s many layers of interpretation and its applicable wisdom.


downloadDawn Wilson, Desert Talismans

At work in the studio, the creation of talismans becomes a matter of deep listening, the delicate alignment with an elusive signal that is sometimes breathtakingly faint.  In its early stages, work is a contemplative process as I attune to a sense or feeling emanating from a place or time.  The origin can be a physical place in the desert or something more subtle that flows from the Dreamtime.  At the same time I will begin to see the materials that will work for this, the process, and the shape the piece will take.  This is usually vague, more feeling than form, and I almost never make drawings or plan things out.


2254db_f14972a2937645e0a52dd7dd3739537a.jpg_srz_p_345_305_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz-1Shannon Wells Femenia, Yoga in the Hood, Urban Health

I call my yoga Lunar Yoga which comes from my spiritual connection with Native American Medicine and the lunar wheel. It is based on the sacred circle of life where everything we do and everything we are continually revolves around the circle. Like the phases of the moon our energy is constantly shifting from fullness to waning into restfulness and then waxing back to fullness, just as the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. I like to attune my yoga practice to this rhythm because in essence the practice of yoga is akin to the cycle of life as it teaches self-awareness, self-actualization, and creative expression. For me yoga is about living a conscious life.


melynda-horizontalMelynda Ruckels, RN, MSNMentoring for Nurses

Whether you are a nursing student, a new graduate or a “seasoned veteran” nurse, I am here to mentor you along the way. I will help you enhance your career while maintaining your own health and wellness. Being a nurse for 40- something years, I still love what I do and want to share all that nursing has to offer to you! Nursing is the greatest career! Reiki sessions are also available.


fbab65_e2e2426ad699492f93368ea5e15f0428Mercedes CallerosCape Bodyworkz

“Beyond my own professional journey, my background includes a love for training and teaching. As the former owner of Satori Wellness Spas in Provincetown and Eastham, I designed each treatment protocol and trained each therapist personally. I have also taught massage techniques and spa treatments at the Massage Institute of Cape Cod and at industry conferences nationwide. As a certified Continuing Education provider, I continue to teach classes to massage therapists looking to improve or expand their skills during our long Cape winters.”


GyroTwistAnn Sibbet Integrative Therapy & Learning Center

“My integrative therapy practice also includes health and wellness coaching, counseling and education regarding potentially beneficial remedies. I have worked successfully with many challenging conditions including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, orthopedic related complaints, chronic and acute physical or emotional pain, injuries including whiplash and vertebral disc injuries, stress, etc., to provide complementary care for symptom relief and over all enhancement and well-being.” Ann is also a certified GYROKINESIS® instructor, a GYROTONIC® apprentice, and a certified Pilates mat instructor.


Julie InterranteEnd of Life Education & Support

By the age of seven I had begun seeing deeply into the nature of things. I knew then what I know and teach now: each of us has answers within ourselves that far outweigh our training, our history and our fear. I guide people into the terrain of the soul. When I use that word, I do not mean some far-off, lofty ideal.  I mean your fundamental internal wisdom and guidance. Other words for soul are essence, heart or self. It is the place that knows things that don’t necessarily translate into hard and fast facts. It is the essence of your being that may not always agree with the material world. It is the part of you that always tells the truth. It is the part of you that insists on growth.  Your soul will shake, rattle and roll you and it will always ground you in love.