Circlekeepers Lunar Cycle Wheel

Circlekeepers uses the teachings of the lunar wheel, based on a full moon to full moon cycle. It is a feminine- based system that encourage self-awareness, creative expression, and self-actualization.

In this system, you are born into the center of the wheel, which you experience until you are three. On your third birthday, you move to the East, to the place of enlightenment, and begin your journey around the great wheel of life. Every three years, you move in a sun-wise manner (clockwise) to the next cardinal or sub-direction.

It is important to remember that you are not only working with the attributes of the direction that you are in, but you are also strongly relating with the attributes directly across from where you are.

The first time we return to the center is at the age of 27. This is the beginning of moving into adulthood and a new maturity. It is often a time of great inner upheaval and reevaluation in preparation for the next cycle around the wheel. The second time we return to the center of the circle is at the age of 54. It is only after two cycles and a life of seeking and speaking the truth, that one can become a true medicine person. Our elders of the third round, entering the center at age 81, have much to teach us about the changes that have occurred during their earth walk.


The more we meditate
on the Medicine Wheel,
relating to the Greater Wheel above,
the Cosmic Wheel,
relating these to circles, spheres,
mandalas of other traditions,
the deeper grows our realization
of the oneness
of the myriad paths
leading to the Center.

Evelyn Eaton
(Grandmother Mahad’yuni)