Heyokas – Tricksters – Coyotes

The Heyhoka or Trickster plays an important part in Native American mythology and is often portrayed as Coyote. Both profane and sacred, he is a bumbler and a hero. It is Coyote that brought fire to mankind, and it is also Coyote that holds up the mirror for us so that we can see our true selves. Often frustrating, sometimes frightening and frequently funny—the integration of all things wise and foolish, sacred, and irreverent.

When you ask for lessons from Coyote you can expect adventure. Laughter is one of the great universal powers that diminishes fear, clears the mind, and opens us up to receiving new teachings. Coyote shows us how to laugh at ourselves and is a great storyteller. Bless your Heyhokas -Tricksters – Coyotes and listen to the lessons that they have for you about learning to laugh at yourself and to take everything less seriously. Next time you lose your keys, instead of giving in to frustration, just ask Coyote to give them back. Then relax and see what happens.