Guides & Allies – Grandparents & Ancestors

Choosing to become a Circlekeepers is like knocking on the cosmic door and it is powerful work when we align ourselves with the Medicine Wheel and open to our own inner wisdom and to the wisdom available through our Guides and Allies.

dreamstime_xs_30179447You will be asked to look for your Guide in each direction that you visit. Once you have asked for the blessing and the protection of the circle, let your imagination go free and allow anyone or anything that has a gift for you to come forth.

Guides and Allies come in all shapes and sizes, from visions of Indian Spirits to a tiny flea and everything in between. Guides and Allies protect us as well and challenge us to confront the unworkable parts of our lives and make lasting changes that move us into a new realm of possibilities.

The concept of ancestor worship is part of almost all aboriginal cultures. The “Grandparents” serve as intermediaries to the Great Spirit much like archangels. By seeing ourselves as the physical manifestation of the lineage of humankind, we open ourselves to the assistance of those who have come before us and those who have yet to be born.