Aligning with the Lunar Cycle

dreamstime_xs_51916428As a road map for the human journey and a mirror of the universe, the Medicine Wheel holds the wisdom of both linear and non-linear time.

Each time we sit in meditation with the Wheel we bring our awareness to the center of the circle — the still-point around which everything else revolves.

The more we sit with the stones, place them, listen to them; the easier it becomes to move into an expanded state of awareness.

It is said that our Guides and Allies are always willing to speak with us if we’d just slow down and listen. Using the Medicine Wheel as a meditative tool provides a way to slow down and listen.

Learning about the Medicine Wheel is a process of remembering. Allow your intuition to guide you as you journey around the wheel; for this is a pathway to trusting your own inner wisdom. Sharing the process creates ever-expanding circles of healing. The more circles we create, the easier it is for all of us to live in balance and harmony

When we consciously align ourselves with the lunar cycle, we actively participate in a powerful metaphor that helps us move into an awareness and appreciation of our interconnectedness with all parts of this amazing universe.

This type of thinking is healing thinking, for the day-to-day realities that we create for ourselves depend upon our moment to moment thoughts, dreams and imaginings.

When we begin to think in healing ways, our lives begin to heal and become more joyous.