A Beginner’s Mind & Mythological Thinking

The beginner’s mind is an open mind that is able to experience each moment as entirely new. Without prejudice or judgement we learn to participate in the world as an attentive, grateful and passionately interested observers. This is the opposite of creating emotional dramas for ourselves just to feel alive. A beginner’s mind can bring about a compassionate mindfulness that has the power to create peace and the ability to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Using our beginner’s mind when approaching the Medicine Wheel creates a garden where our spiritual stories can be tended.

By exploring our own inner landscape and calling upon archetypal guides to share their teachings with us, we are actively engaging our subconscious to come out and play. This mythological thinking gives us ways to connect with ourselves and with each other using deeply meaningful symbology, often unlocking whole new worlds for us to explore.

When we align ourselves with the lunar cycle and with the earth and sky using a beginner’s mind that is open to imagination and myth, our interior landscape shifts and soon we begin to feel called upon to do our highest creative work in the world. For to be all that we are meant to be is the only true gift that we have to offer. To quote Wallace Black Elk, “offer stones, fire, water, breath, but the greatest offering is that of self.“ Before beginning your Lunar Cycle Journey, ask yourself these questions:

• What is my place in the universe?
• What gifts have I been given?
• How well have I tended my “spiritual garden? ”
• How can I best share the gifts that I have been given?

Open your mind to finding your own individual answers, for the truth can always be found within.