Getting Ready

Like any journey, it is important to pack well in order to have everything you need. For this inner journey to be effective, it is necessary to set aside time and make a commitment to the process: daily meditations, weekly meditations and activities and time to reflect upon the insights that you receive.

Create a support system. Let friends and family know that you are doing the Circlekeepers cycle and set aside time to share your insights with them along the way.

Make a special altar for your intention. Display photos, drawings, jewelry, pottery, sculpture and objects from nature that symbolize your focus for the cycle.

Get regular bodywork and/or counseling.

Participate in a “Media Fast.” Turn off your TV and radio. Ignore the newspaper. Instead, focus on spending time in nature and with yourself.

Become aware of any addictions that no longer serve you and take this opportunity to make new choices about them.

Simplify your diet. This is a good time to get back to basics. Choose your food mindfully as precious fuel for body and soul during your journey.

Give thanks every time you use water. Use it as a ritual of purification and thanksgiving. Drink plenty of clean water, enjoy baths using special bath salts and essential oils, and sing in the shower.

Adopt an attitude of thanksgiving. Take notice of the gifts you receive from moment to moment.

Learn and use the chants. Chanting opens the pathway from the mind to the heart. Learning about the Wheel is learning to think with your heart.

Recycle. By paying closer attention to the fact that there is no “away” in which to throw things, we assist in caring for and healing Mother Earth.

Write, draw and refer to your journal often. Record your thoughts and feelings about each direction that you visit and review your intention weekly.

Listen to new music that is affirming and uplifting.

Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find.