Grounding & Centering Meditation


Sit cross-legged on the ground or the floor and take in a few deep breaths. Close your eyes and rest your palms face up in your lap to connect with Father Sky, and do the following:

Seven Sacred Breaths
• Inhale through your nose to the count of seven,
• Hold your breath for seven heart beats,
• Exhale from your mouth to the count of seven,
• Counting on your fingers, repeat this seven times.

• Imagine a grounding cord running from the base of your spine penetrating the ground, and connecting with the center of Mother Earth.

• Imagine that the energy of the earth is rising into your spine as you breathe in. Imagine this as light coming from the center of the earth and into you. Let this energy spread throughout your body.

• Imagine a golden cord coming out of the top of your head and connecting with Father Sky. Then allow the energy of the sky to enter the top of your head, as you breathe slowly.

• Mix the energy of Mother Earth and Father Sky together in your solar plexus to create a healing, nurturing energy blend just for you, allowing it to travel through every cell.

Use this meditation each time you begin working with the wheel, or any time you want to re-establish a connection with the earth and sky and feel “present” in your body.