Creating a Sacred Space

In order to summon the extraordinary into our lives, it is important to create a special environment. Clear and sanctify a place to do your Circlekeepers meditations undisturbed. Make it special for yourself by using flowers, photos, and symbols that give you guidance. Set up an altar for your Medicine Wheel by providing a small table, drum or other surface that can be moved around as you move to each of the four directions during the lunar cycle. You can leave your Wheel in place for the whole cycle or take it down after each meditation.

Using the Cue Cards
You will find Cue Cards for each direction and for your journey. Print them and post them according to your own intuition in places where you will see them and read them often. Doing this helps to integrate the ideas into your daily life.

Using the Journal Pages
This illustration of a white owl feather indicates a place for your journal entries. Use your journal often as a way of keeping track of your thoughts and feelings along the way.