Chanting & Drumming


Chanting and drumming realign us with the rhythms of nature and with our authentic selves. Listen to and sing along with the “Songs for the Circle” that you’ll find on the pages for the 4 Directions, and let yourself sing a few of them every day, whenever they come into your awareness. Soon they become valued friends.

Chanting opens up the throat area and creates a pathway for the integration of the head and the heart. Our culture gives us little opportunity for singing. It’s often quite a challenge to begin singing the chants while driving in your car, washing the dishes, or while in the shower. Doing so can easily align you with your greater purpose and positively shift the energy of a stressful situation immediately.

Befriend your sounds and open up, rather than fill up, your inner space.

The beat of a ceremonial drum puts us into rhythm with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Native people throughout the planet use the drum to connect the energy of each participant to the ceremony. The collective energy that is created can be used for healing and prayer. Play with drumming this month as part of your meditations and as a way to experiment with sound.

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