Anointing Ceremony

Every ancient culture created balms and lotions to assist in healing. Flowers, plant leaves, roots, seeds, barks, fruits and resins were suspended in fowl or animal fat and used topically.

Aromatherapy, the art of using scents to affect the mind, give pleasure, alter moods and restore balance and harmony has been practiced for many generations.

Our sense of smell is very closely linked with our proverbial ”sixth sense, ” for it is directly linked to the brain. A subtle whiff can immediately take us back to memories, long forgotten.

Circlekeepers Blend was created to assist you in reconnecting with Mother Earth and remembering her lessons. You can also use any beeswax based aromatherapy balm that you particularly enjoy.

Just choose one scent that represents your work with the Medicine Wheel. To Use Aromabalm Anoint your wrists and throat and refer to the scent often during your meditation.

Keep the Aromabalm with you during the lunar cycle and anoint yourself and others to assist you in remembering the lessons of harmony and balance and remind you of your work with the Medicine Wheel.