Circlekeepers was created to help you deepen your relationship with nature and assist you in remembering an ancient way of thinking. This provides a pathway, or bridge, that connects us with the sacred in our everyday lives. It is suitable for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds and can be used:

• As a personal transformative process.
• As a sacred focus with a partner.
• As a family healing ritual.
• As a sacred focus for larger groups.
• By four participants - one representing each direction.

By setting an intention, creating a sacred space and participating in daily rituals, weekly meditations and activities throughout one lunar cycle, you are guided around the wheel, learning the attributes of one of the cardinal directions each week in an experiential way. The process integrates left and right brain activity and imprints the subconscious with the concepts of awareness, initiation, reflection, synthesis and integration. Written and designed by Susan Grace Lawton, publisher of the Healing Artists of the Sacramento Region directory. View other Circlekeepers videos.

Circlekeepers Lunar Cycle Journey with the Medicine Wheel
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